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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Awakening

Author Beth Kephart has a fantastic blog, which I love to start my day reading.
Beth's spirit and her unique, lyrical voice shine through in her blog posts.
They remind me of the window I'm looking through as I write this, an old window, my office window, stained with thirty years of hard water and grime, and fogged up right now with cold and rain.

Beth's insights and musings offer me a different perspective, a clearer one sometimes, even if similar to my own. I'm awed by the simple beauty of the way she uses language to convey her thoughts.
Her words are the unfogged corner of my window, the small part that affords me an unblurred glimpse outside.

I sat down this morning and paged backward to the last post I'd read and found it was March 3.
The week before we moved.
Sounds about right.

Life has been blurred by chaos recently, but today, through the rain and cloud, I catch glimpses of spring through the unfogged corner.
Birds on the feeders.
A rose in bloom.
Secret passions springing awake underground. Turning fresh faces to the rain. Coming back to life.